22 Apr 2017
Thrilled to have our recent CD release "The Echoing Air" featured on Schmopera!
13 Oct 2016
Have a read on Niume ~ It's my story about a dream I used to have...which has come true!!
27 Apr 2015
I'm excited to invite you to Subscribe to my newsletter! I would love to share my journey with you, tell you my story, invite you to concerts and appearances. It is such an exciting time! Please come along for the ride. :D
22 Mar 2015
Peter Krochak and I are headed back into the Studio at the end of April. Up next: Our 5 Rachmaninoff selections, 6 Faure Art Songs, and Schubert's "Shepherd on the Rock" will make up our next CD, which we hope to release before Christmas this year!
6 Jan 2015
Thrilled to have been a featured performer on Schmopera with Jenna Douglas! Thank you Jenna, for this fun interview!!
3 Jul 2014
Kirlchen was my Oma's nickname for me. It's now my Twitter handle! I like this media outlet and I do tweet from time to time.
3 Jul 2014
Soundcloud is where I upload various things - stuff I've professionally released, things that are pending release, and stuff I'm currently working on!
1 Jul 2014
Please 'like' my Facebook page where you will find fun updates on my progress, and information on where I will be performing next! Thank you for your support!
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Ravel: 5 Greek Folk Songs
Mozart: Exsultate jubilate, K 165 (158a)
Schubert: Auf dem Wasser zu singen, D 774/Op. 72
Schubert: An die Nachtigall, D 497/Op. 98 no 1
Schubert: Du bist die Ruh, D 776/Op. 59 no 3
Schubert: Gretchen am Spinnrade, D 118/Op. 2
Schubert: Heidenröslein, D 257/Op. 3 no 3
Fauré: Le Papillon et la Fleur
Fauré: Chanson d'amour
Fauré: Clair de lune
Fauré: Au bord de l'eau
Fauré: Après un rêve
Fauré: Notre Amour
Rachmaninoff: The Soldier's Wife
Rachmaninoff: A Dream Op. 8 No. 5
Rachmaninoff: The Lilacs Op. 21 No. 5
Rachmaninoff: How Fair This Spot Op. 21 No. 7
Rachmaninoff: Before My Window Op. 26 No. 10
Rachmaninoff: The Fountains Op. 26 No. 11
Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, D 965/Op. 129 (The Shepherd on the Rock)
Purcell: The Fairy Queen, Z.629: Hark, The Echoing Air
Purcell: If music be the food of love, Z 379
Purcell: Sweeter than Roses
Schumann: Frauenliebe und -leben Opus 42, No. 2: Er, der Herrlichste von Allen
Schumann: Liederkreis, Opus 39 No. 5: Mondnacht
Schumann: Myrthen, Opus 25 No. 1: Widmung
Bellini: 15 Songs, No. 10: Malinconia, Ninfa Gentile
Bellini: 15 Songs, No. 15: Ma, Rendi pur Contento
Bellini: 15 Songs, No 11: Vanne, O Rosa Fortunata
Poulenc: Airs Chantes: FP 46: No 1, Air Romantique
Poulenc: Airs Chantes: FP 46: No 2, Air Champêtre
Poulenc: Airs Chantes: FP 46: No 3, Air Grave
Poulenc: Airs Chantes: FP 46: No 4, Air Vif

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